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Research & Development

In spite of its small business features, DARES is strongly focusing on innovation and development.

In that perspective, not only DARES collaborates with academic institutions and industries on various projects, but also develops some self-funded research.

For background, interest fields are mainly those related to (hard and soft) nondestructive testing, special processes and measures technologies.

However, due to the passion and the sensitivity to social work, even more general strings echo in the DARES ambitions and projects, ranging from education to business development, until research that lap the neuro-sciences.

Support to industries and universities

FUPICO VIR/P3 and SAIA VIR/P2 (Ultrasounds applied to aeronautical innovative wing structures)

CERVIA – Innovative and Advanced Methods for Certification and Verification (Standardization and ontology of defects for NDT/CAE integration, soft computing and predictive models for NDT)

TABASCO – Low Cost Technologies and Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Airfcraft Composite Structures (Development of NDT techniques for general aviation)

Regional Contract Program 2012 (Ultrasonic systems and techniques development)

Smart Wing for ew Generation of UAVs for civil use (SWIG), as part of the National Operational Program “Business and Competitiveness” 2014-2020

Self-funded research themes