Sectors of Interest

Aerospace and more…

Automotive – Power Plant – Naval – Goods of Art and Envirronment – Railways – Construction

What Dares

Consulting & Support

Nondestructive Testing per EN4179, NAS410: Level 2 and 3, Responsible Level 3, Training & exams, Inspections of critical items… Read More

Training & Examinations

Classroom and on the job Training: Nondestructive Testing – Special Processes – Quality – Business Management…. Read More

Research & Development

Interest fields are mainly those related to (hard and soft) nondestructive testing, special processes and measures technologies…. Read More

Partners & Clients

DARES is honored to partner with its customers and partners, in respect of which we intend to increase more and more the interaction quality and spectrum.

Our partnership spirit:

  • competence
  • passion for work
  • sharing common destination
  • dare to face challenges

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