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DARES is a small, flexible, new-concept company, founded in 2014 by Dr. Giovanni Cavaccini, born with the vocation of innovation and to offer competitive and high-quality consultancy and support services, with rapid responses tailored to the customer.
CONSULTING is centered on NonDestructive Inspection (from design to maintenance), and branches over Special Processes, Structural Health & Process Monitoring, and Measurements in industrial contexts.
TARGET MARKET is the group of aerospace companies, and also of all operators (cultural and environmental assets, transport industry, public authorities, schools and colleges, service companies, etc.), for which the verification of the compliance of a product, a good or a process with the applicable requirements is relevant to their acceptability, functionality, maintenance or preservation.


DARES works in an innovative way as a node of an volutionary network, that interacts with a number of companies and experts to cover all customers’ needs.

DARES guarantees completeness, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the service. Consulting means continuous closeness to the customer, flexibility and adaptability to its times and problems.

DARES is also support for the creation of start-ups or new business lines and supplementary and reliable skills afor the realization of R&D projects.


ITANDTB Training & Exam Center ITA-012/CAE

Operative Units:
PR – Trading University of Napoli Federico II
Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems of the CNR – Metal Sud

Technical Manager
Giovanni Cavaccini