DARES believes in education as the main tool of companies and individuals to achieve business and personal goals.

Both for internal training and customers, we believe that the effectiveness of the training can not be obtained by crystallizing teaching in forms and fixed content. It should be dynamically adapted to the targets. For this reason, in addition to courses organized periodically, DARES plans training paths calibrated to the customer, on the base of its specific needs. They range from introductory sessions to courses that are extremely specialized or finalized to qualification/certification and defined contexts (quality, design, production, trade, auditing, etc.).

The training is intended, in general, both as classroom training (including practical exercises) and, in many cases, as on-the-job-training (ie in industrial or lab contexts with certified and experienced personnel).

The subjects of the training are Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Special Processes, Quality and Business Management.

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In particular, for NDT Level 1 and Level 2 qualification exams per NAS410/EN4179, DARES is the headquarter of the Training and Examination Center CFE-CND, accredited by the Italian NDT Board (ITA-012/CAE), whose Technical Manager is Giovanni Cavaccini.

Besides DARES, CFE-CND puts together resources and structures from AERONDI, CNR (Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems), Metal Sud, PR Trading, University of Naples Federico II (Department of Industrial Engineering). The main levels 3, covering all methods, are Franco Baratta, Gennaro Borzacchiello, Massimo Capriolo, Giovanni Cavaccini, Carosena Meola Luca Valente, Filippo Vigliotti. CFE-CND provides experienced and qualified instructors, modern classrooms, constantly updated teaching materials, most advanced technological equipment and a wide variety of samples, including real aircrafts.

DARES is also fitted to provide training according to other certification programs (ASNT SNT-TC-1A, EN 10256, ISO 20807, ISO/IEC 17024, ISO 9712, ISO 11484).

Training on Non Destructive Controls contemplates various methods and techniques, including:

  • Barkhausen
  • Chemical Etch (Aluminium Etch, Anodic Etch, BEA, Macro Etch, Nital Etch)
  • Computer and Digital Radiography
  • Conductivity Testing (Conductivity by Eddy Current, Conductivity of solids, Conductivity of liquids)
  • Eddy Current (Static techniques for the detection of discontinuities, Dynamic techniques for the detection of discontinuities)
  • Film Radiography (X, gamma)
  • Hardness Testing (Static tests, Evidence of rebound)
  • Infrared Thermography (Steady or step thermography, Pulsed thermography, Lock-in thermogrphy)
  • Interferometry Methods (Holography, Shearography, Speckle interferometry)
  • Magnetic Testing (Bank direct and indirect techniques, Joke-based techniques, Wires-based techniques)
  • Penetrant Testing (Type I, Method A and E penetrants, any level and developer, Type I, Method C penetrants, any level and developer, Type I, Method D penetrants, any level and developer, Type II penetrants, any removal method, level and developer)
  • Ultrasound Techniques (Sonic Tests, Pulse-echo hand-scanning ultrasound, Thru-transmission hand-scanning ultrasound, Pulse-echo automatic scanning ultrasound, Thru-transmission automatic scanning ultrasound, Phased-array, Video-UT)
  • Visual Testing (Instrumental and Non-instrumental Techniques)

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