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Business Development & Startup | Dares

Business Development & Startup

Business Development

DARES also aims to relate companies, creating business opportunities. This in all those situations where it is profitable ‘to make synergy’ to implement sustainable growth paths. Using its network and the contribution of dynamic and innovative business advice DARES supports:

Evaluation and implementation of business potential
Assessment of development plans
Integrating the skills on business strategies
Quality certifications
Fiscal issues and marketing
Information management
Increase in pipeline
Technological expertise


DARES, along with its network, helps to create start-ups or new business units offering his assistance and expertise at various levels of intervention:

Human Resources
Information Technology

The service ranges from supporting one of assistance levels to the definition of a comprehensive plan for the creation and implementation of the startup.

Co-powered with

MONTEFORTE CORPORATION focuses its activities on four areas of study: Strategic, Legislative, Administrative, Finance.

Each of them involves the management of multiple aspects absolutely decisive for the progress of a company.

In this perspective, the MONTEFORTE CORPORATION finalizes the support for the resolution of management problems and for the realization of a balanced development process.


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