The Training and Examinations Center CFE-CND

ITA-NG-001standard provides that the qualification of  NDT Level 1 and 2 personnel, may be performed by the training centers (CAE), suitably qualified by  the Italian Aerospace Committee for Non Destructive Testing (ITANDTB).

A CAE is therefore an independent organization, formally authorized by the Employer and approved by ITANDTB as  “Training and Examination Center” (CAE) to mainly perform personnel  training activities, conducting and evaluating the qualification exams of the NDT Level 1 and 2.

The Training and Examinations Center  CFE-CND is a structured entity, under the leadership of the Level 3 Giovanni Cavaccini as Technical Manager.

Such a structure was created to provide an adequate theoretical and practical skill while training NDT personnel. To this purposes, in addition to the common theoretical courses covering many different methods and techniques, CFE-CND provides the most advanced technological equipment to perform on-field inspections, including a variety of samples and real aircrafts . This technical-practical approach is strongy based on an education that dynamically and operatively aims at RECOGNIZE DEFECTS, while NDIng, rather than simply TALK ON them.

The center is accredited by the Italian NDT Board (ITANDTB). What does it mean? What are the advantages compared to internal qualifications? Besides the main advantage above indicated, focused on giving a training that in short time makes the personnel really able to face up production/maintenance items, the ITANDTB accreditation testifies the adequacy of the setting and the organization of the center, including training programs , database of questions and samples used for learning  and exams. The ITANDTB endorses the CFE-CND procedure for managing the qualification and certification of NDT personnel, so that ITANDTB directly issues the qualification certificate in respect of an examination taken at CFE-CND, which avoid the onerous practice of verifying all the examination documentation at audits by customers and authorities.

The CFE-CND goes also beyond all this, serving as a reference for training, qualification and examination for various so called non common NDT methods (temper etch, NITAL, Barkhausen, etc.).


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